About Us

Our Mission

Our goal at Elevated Juices is to heal the world with top quality products that exceed industry standards. All of our products contain nothing but all natural, organic, plant-derived, and USA-based ingredients that are free from harsh fillers or unnecessary additives.

We saw that the overall CBD industry was lacking transparency with many companies presenting false claims and promoting products with sketchy and ineffective ingredients. This quickly led to customer dissatisfaction and in turn distrust of CBD products in general. That is why we decided to start this company with the consumer in mind, making products that work the first time and continue to work thereafter. Regardless of your background, we set out to produce the best products that are affordable and accessible to everyone. 

A Natural Alternative 

All Elevated Juices products are specifically formulated with a limited-ingredient list to help realign and strengthen your mind, body, and soul. No matter your problem, we will have a solution for you. We create all of our products in small batches to ensure the freshest CBD products on the shelf- guaranteed. 

Every ingredient in our signature Elevated Juices products are 100% organic and plant based, providing you a healthy alternative to traditional vape products. Our pods are free of vitamin E, heavy metals, cutting agents, and everything unnatural. 

Choose to medicate.  

The Dankest On the Planet

When we first started this company, we made a promise to ourselves and to our future customers that we would create the dankest vapor products on the planet. And that is exactly what we did.

Our expertly crafted Dank Pods, Dank Juice, Dank Bars, and Dank Dabs contain essentially every single compound of your favorite strain, minus the THC. When you vape any Dank-line product, you are getting the full benefits the cannabis plant has to offer - without the intoxicating high. 

All of our vape products are free from common additives found in many other vape products such as vitamin E, heavy metals, and cutting agents. 

Elevated Juices has the Dankest products on the planet - we guarantee it.


Potent and Natural E-Juice 

At Elevated Juice, we are dedicated to bringing you all natural terpene enhanced CBD products ranging from a variety of e-juices and Crumble Concentrates. We source all of our CBD from the top industry leaders with the cleanest, purest, and most potent CBD extraction labs in the country. 

We offer a full range of CBD vapor products so you can medicate any way you choose: from Dank Juice- an e-juice alternative for your mod and refills for your salt nic devices, Dank Pods- pods designed to fit the leading pod devices, and Dank Bars- ready to smoke, disposable bars designed for on-the-go use.