Our Terpenes

The aromatic molecules behind the taste, smell, and effects of varying strains.

Terpenes are a diverse class of organic compounds found in the essential oils produced  by nature. They are what give cannabis, herbs, fruits, and flowers their unique aromas. Every day you encounter different terpenes. When you walk by a garden, you are smelling a wide range of terpenes. When you open your jar full of herbs, you smell terpenes.

In addition to unique aromas, terpenes play an equally important role by influencing the way we feel when different strains of cannabis are consumed.
Uplifting sativas usually have a sweet, sour, or citrus scent to them. Indicas on the other hand tend to have a skunky, musky, and woodsy scent. This is because of their terpene profile.

The different terpenes in cananbis are what separates a creative and uplifting high, from a relaxing and couched lock high. Each cannabis strain has its own unique terpene profile. At Elevated Juice, we match these terpene profiles with an exact 1 to 1 ratio. This ensures you get the authentic flavor and effects of your desired strain.
Terpenes also synergize with CBD and other cannabinoids, enhancing their potency and effects.
Our terpene and CBD blends create powerful and medicating effects without a "high" from THC.

A natural compound with theraputic effects.

Terpenes can be used for natural flavoring, and are also used in many of your favorite perfumes. When consumed, we find a range of different thereputic effects and potential bennefits.

Terpenes such as Myrcene can be sedating, relaxing, and can even enhance the psychoactivity of THC. On the other hand, Pinene helps counteract the negative side effects of THC and has been shown to increase memory retention and alertness.

Each strain of canabis has a specific profile of terpenes, giving it a unique flavor, taste, and effect. Our dank pods having matching terpene profiles of different strains, so you can naturally experience the flavor, taste, and effect of different cannabis strains.

Natures Remedy

Terpenes affect the same neurons in our brain as other chemicals that our body naturally produces. This results in similar effects and, in some cases, a “blocking” effect. For example, think of lavendar. When we smell a lavender plant, we are mainly smelling the terpene linalool and linalyl acetate. Linalool has been shown in studies to have various effects on the brain, most notably as a muscle relaxer, pain reducer, and stress reducer. Now we begin to see why so many products use lavendar as a relaxing agent! The terpenes in lavendar act directly on the brain to produce these relaxing effects. This is done by the combination of blocking some receptors and enhancing the effects of others.
Simply said, it is the chemical structure of these compounds which allows them to naturally reduce stress, regulate mood, and relieve pain.

Enhance your experience

We are just now beginning to study and understand this effect, with much to still be discovered and understood. What we know so far, is that terpenes interact synergistically with THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. The entourage effect enhaces the benefits and effects of the plants indiual components. Simply put, the impact of the whole herb is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

When the full spectrum of CBD and cananbinoids are combindined with different terpene profiles, the terpenes enhance and modify the effects of CBD. This is why some of our CBD pods are uplifting and energetic, while others are calming and relaxing.
This is why you feel more potent effects with our CBD blends, compared to other
CBD products. You are experiencing the "entourage effect" the full cannabis  plant in effect!